Max & Erma's

About Us
From the American heartland comes Max & Erma's, a chain of restaurants serving hamburgers, sandwiches and more. Named after the couple that founded their first restaurant, Max & Erma's menu contains all of their favorite recipes. They turn hamburgers into an art form: there are nearly 20 kinds of burgers to choose from. There are the old favorites such as cheeseburgers, as well as unique combinations like their signature meatball burger – the hand-crushed meatball patty is topped with thick slices of mozzarella and marinara sauce. If you are dining with friends, you can't go wrong with a dish from their sharable menu – nobody can deny a helping of Max & Erma's delicious nachos, potato skins and onion rings. You can grab a drink at Max & Erma's too: a wide range of beers and cocktails is served at every restaurant. Max & Erma's gift cards and e-gift cards are good at any location and never expire.