Grinders Above & Beyond

About Us
In spite of their odd name, there's nothing dodgy about Grinders. Instead, the chain of 7 restaurants (all located in Ohio) is named after their signature dish – the Grinder, otherwise known as a submarine sandwich, or sub. There is something special about Grinders', well, grinders, in that the restaurant serves the authentic New English grinder, consisting of three kinds of cold cuts, provolone and their house-made Italian dressing, amongst other things. There are some two dozen less traditional grinders on the menu, however, making use of mahi mahi, pot roast, grilled chicken and other meats, paired with a whole slew of delicious toppings.
Grinders aside, Grinders serves hundreds of flavors of pizzas, flatbreads, burgers, wraps and salads, while their dinner menu incorporates nearly every dish one can find at a conventional steakhouse. Every one of these delicious dishes earns Frequent Diner members points that can be redeemed for gift certificates and the restaurant offers customizable gift cards.