Panda Express

About Us
Panda Express brings the joy of American-Chinese cuisine to thousands of malls, food courts and cities across Canada and the United States, but few know of the chain's humble origins, being founded by a Chinese immigrant in 1973, as a single Szechuanese restaurant in Pasadena. Since then, they've expanded their menu as well as their operations, and now count their own innovations such as the spicy and savory Firecracker Chicken and Beijing Beef, along with established favorites including Kung Pao Chicken and fried rice, amongst their repertoire of dishes. Order an entrée with one of Panda Express' delicious appetizers – their chicken egg rolls are fried to a crispy golden brown, and their potstickers stuffed with a delicious chicken, cabbage and onion filling. Spread the love for American-Chinese food to a friend and give a Panda Express gift card – good at most locations in America.