About Us
Make your life's journeys more comfortable with one of millions of high quality, brand name shoes that Journeys stocks. Women and men alike can enjoy distinctive styles by the likes of Dr. Martens, Converse, Toms, and Vans. The same brands' extensive lines of children's shoes are also carried by Journeys, in addition to a range of licensed superhero-themed sneakers, fuzzy slippers and apparel exclusively for kids. Adults have the luxury of choosing from hundreds of apparel items at Journeys too: a diversity of styles for both sexes, including motorcycle jackets and graphic tees, in addition to every style of the omnipresent Jansport bags and Casio watches, are available from Journeys. If you would like to choose from the full range of Journey's merchandise, though, visit – their online store, which has an ever changing array of online exclusives and offers on free shipping. Journeys' online store accepts gift cards, as do their real-life locations.