About Us
Ah, Texas, the blessed land of country fixins like chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and Fuddruckers. For the unacquainted, Fuddruckers isn't an obscure dish, but rather a chain of hamburger restaurants. As Texans say, their burgers are “a whole 'nother thang” – Fuddruckers' patties are grilled to order and never frozen, their buns made from scratch at the in-house bakeries, and their toppings, as Texas-sized as you'd wish. That's because all of them – homemade pico de gallo and mayo included – are waiting at the restaurant's Market Fresh Produce Bar, sliced and ready for your burger.
You can also let the chef do the assembling, in which case you can order from 20-odd flavors and varieties, including venison, crispy chicken, and Southwest – that's topped with smokehouse bacon, guac, and pepper jack. Give a friend a Fuddruckers gift card – thoughtfulness aside, the prospect of being treated to a tasty burger will definitely have them “all choked up”.