Modell's Sporting Goods

About Us
Modell's is a supplier of sporting equipment that operates in New England. Founded in 1889 in Manhattan, it is the oldest such retailer in America, but it has certainly evolved with the times to incorporate new sports, teams and technologies into its catalogue. Modell's stores stock everything that you will need to play the most popular sports: balls for soccer, American football and basketball; hockey sticks, pucks and skates; baseball bats, mitts and helmets; and fun indoor games like ping pong, darts and even fooseball. What's more, if you can find it in a gym, Modell's stocks it – they've got dumbbells, strength training machines, stationary bikes, body balls, all kinds of mats and punching bags. Modell's even offers sports medicines – that is, everything you will need to protect yourself from injury: mouthguards, braces, jockstraps and more. E-gift cards and gift cards are accepted in stores, but anybody in America can use either on online purchases.