About Us
To Arby’s, getting a freshly sliced, expertly made sandwich was important all the way back since their first opening in 1964, in Boardman, Ohio. It is still a huge deal today - they are “slicing up freshness” at every Arby’s restaurant, available in 48 states across America and in Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Their most popular menu choices are still the classic roast beef sandwich that started it all, with slow-roasted beef, thinly sliced and piled high! Many believe the company name Arby’s originates from RB, standing for Roast Beef - though it actually refers to the founders the Raffel brothers (also RB). They created the company in defiance to the look and taste of hamburgers and fast food of the day, as they sought to set it right. Arby’s menu also offers Market Fresh sandwiches and wraps with the veggie works that comprise a healthy and clean meal. Visit Arby’s and tell your mom you are eating right!