Carl's Jr.®

About Us
Carl’s Jr. is one of the top ten American fast-food restaurant chains, mainly operating in the Western and Southwestern region of the US, though now it also has locations in Canada, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Singapore. With its early beginnings as full service, sit down restaurant named ‘Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque’, it quickly grew into a chain of smaller restaurants which eventually became the much-loved fast food joint it is today. Carl’s Jr. serves a menu of superstar burgers with signature charbroiled meat, fresh baked buns and the freshest produce, with toppings including regular or blue cheese, bacon, guacamole, as well as a range of sauces. The beauties that Carl’s Jr. provides are already amazing as is, but the freedom to add or remove anything you want is what makes Carl’s Jr. so special. Build your unique meal today online with Carl’s Jr. and take it with you on your next visit!