Foods Co

About Us
Discounted foods may not be a new idea, but only one company can sell them to you for prices as low, and throw in Kroger's famous own-brand products to boot – Food4Less. In Northern California where other supermarkets have gotten their hands on the Food4Less marque first, the chain of warehouse-format grocery stores calls itself Foods Co. Name change aside, there's nothing different about these 
Foods Co. stores – their inventory of Kroger's own-brand goods and national-brand products are just as extensive, and the discounts on them just as exclusive as the other hundred-odd Food4Less stores.The cherry on the cake, however, must be the diverse ethnic foods that Foods Co. supermarkets carry, hand-picked by expert stockists to suit the tastes of each store's customers. Being owned by Kroger, your Rewards card can be used at Foods Co. to earn 1 fuel point for every dollar spent on groceries, and Kroger gift cards are redeemable at any Foods Co. Supermarket.