About Us
Albertsons is a prominent grocery chain in the United States. Operating under Albertsons LLC, it has 1,110 supermarkets located in 20 states across the US under 12 different banners. Albertsons is the largest grocery market chain out there with over 500 locations in 16 states. Founded in 1939 in Boise, Idaho, its early status of success as the largest and finest food store no doubt continues today. Its time-honored Preferred Savings Card has since no longer been required to receive the greatest savings in-store - instead offering great savings for all patrons of Albertsons supermarkets and reducing the hassle for the customer at every visit. Existing Preferred Savings Cards can still be used to earn Fuel Rewards as well as UPromise/Star Savings rewards. Over 60 years later, the distinguished philosophy of founder Mr. Joe Albertsons has not ceased and Albertsons continues to bring customers the products they want at a fair price with warmth and care along the way.