About Us
Let's face it – picking out clothes for kids is hard, especially when the eyes of their peers are on them. With clothes from Gymboree, however, a child can easily become the envy of the playground. Their designs straddle the fine line between simple and fashionable – for girls, this means adorable shorts and capris, gathered dresses and skirts sewn with bright, bold fabrics, and easily coordinated colorblock sweaters, all sparingly adorned with simple flourishes like bows and flowers. For boys, only dapper articles – argyle sweatervests, newsboy caps, checkered shirts, slip-on Converse clones, tasteful tees and denim.
Gymboree's age range covers ages 0 to 12, while their comprehensive inventory also includes comical pajamas, boldly designed swimwear and uniforms for girls and boys alike. Earn points for treating your kids to Gymboree fashions, with a Gymboree Rewards membership – one point is given for every $1 spent, 250 of which is redeemable for a $5 certificate.