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About Us
Started in 1982 as a single restaurant, Pick Up Stix has grown into a chain of more than 70 eateries thanks to the founder's personal adaptations of Chinese favorites for the American palate. Pick Up Stix' signature dish is the House Special chicken, made with succulent strips of stir-fried chicken, slathered with a sauce of caramelized garlic, soy and green onions. Another invention is their Shrimp and Vegetables dish – a delicious union of shrimp with zucchini, water chestnuts, mushrooms and broccoli, held together by a white wine sauce.
Uniquely amongst Chinese restaurants, you can order the tens of meat entrees with tofu instead of meat, meaning that vegetarians can enjoy the likes of Sweet & Sour Chicken and Mongolian Beef without guilt. Dieters will also like Pick Up Stix' steamed chicken salads, topped with either honey ginger, sesame miso or creamy Thai peanut dressing. Gift cards can be bought and used at participating Pick Up Stix locations.