About Us
Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales distribution company that acts as an agent. Customers can book tickets for concerts, sports, arts, theater, family and events around the world on the website. The tickets are sold with an added-on service fee, determined by Ticketmaster. The company was founded in Phoenix Arizona in 1976. Since then, Ticketmaster has expanded its global presence, reaching countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, the United Arab Emirates and more. In January 2009, Ticketmaster and Live Nation, the latter the largest concert promoter, merged together to create Live Nation Entertainment. In 2007, Ticketmaster reportedly sold over 142 million tickets. 
Ticketmaster maintains exclusive ticket-sales contracts with major values as a competitive strategy. Check the online marketplace to buy and sell verified tickets. Refunds for tickets are available if the decision is made within 72 hours of purchase. Refunds for canceled events are made automatically.