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Playstation 4 has just launched, and with amazing titles such as Lego Marvel Superheroes, Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed IV, the console has overshadowed the dozens of equally amazing products offered by Sony. Chief amongst them are 3 lines of VAIO HD touchscreen laptops that also convert into tablets, with specs to rival Macbooks. Even Sony's gaming laptops are, literally, pencil-thin and fitted with touchscreens, concealing upwards of 8GB of RAM so you can be sure that your graphic design programs would never lag.
Sony's compact digital cameras produce 18-megapixel images, while their Alpha line of cameras can take professional-quality, 30-megapixel pictures, interchangeable lenses for which Sony also manufactures. Walkmans are another of Sony's famous products, having evolved into earbud-sized sports mp3 players packing a whopping 4GB. That's not to mention the huge variety of fashionable headphones, stunningly crisp LED TVs, and theatre projectors the company makes – all redeemable with a Sony gift card online or instore.