Elephant Bar

About Us
Founded on the simple idea of fun, casual dining in a comfortable and unique place where you can just kick back and get away from the stress of everyday life, Elephant Bar Restaurant is where you can enjoy a food adventure that's really out of this world. With Pan Asian cuisine and flavors as the basis for their menu, Elephant Bar and Restaurant will serve you with delicious and popular recipes from around the world. With a menu full of Asia-inspired choices like Korean beef tacos, Macau shrimp and noodle soup with fire-grilled salmon, crispy teriyaki chicken, tempura salmon rolls, quick-fried soy-ginger calamari and so much more, you'll be sure to get your fill of that exotic and mesmerizing eastern taste. You can even join their different programs and purchase gift cards to get great value for your dining experience. Come eat at Elephant Bar Restaurant for a meal you'll never forget.