Hulu Plus

About Us
If you have wanted to catch up on episodes of your favorite television shows, or to watch a movie online in the past decade, you would remember the dark, malware-infested days when piracy was your only option. That isn't the case, for Americans at least: Hulu is the only (almost) completely free, and (definitely) completely legal alternative. Their extensive online library lets you stream current and past seasons of crowd favorites such as Grey's Anatomy, the Colbert Report and SNL, in addition classic shows including Star Trek and Lost. Cult films the likes of American Psycho, In The Mood for Love, and the Blob are also amongst their selection. Note, however, that one would have to pay – or pay on someone else's behalf via a gift card – the princely sum of $7.99 per month to enjoy every item that has been made available by the service. Gift cards can be purchased online or at Best Buy or Target.