About Us
Kroger is one of America's premier chains of grocery stores, operating in 31 states under tens of banners, each offering high quality foods for affordable prices. Foods from your favorite, national brands and carefully selected local produce form only part of their stock, since Kroger stores also proudly boasts a wide range of own-brand products. Kroger operates 37 manufacturing plants which produce a large portion of their private label products, ensuring that they are of an even higher quality than their national brand equivalents. Private labels include Big K, a line of soda with unique flavors such as watermelon kiwi; HomeSense cleaning supplies and housewares; and Simple Truth organics that contain no artificial preservatives, flavors or sweeteners. Many Kroger stores also contain an in-house pharmacy that supplies you with a range of trustworthy and cost-effective generics. Kroger offers gift cards with values of up to $250, redeemable at all Kroger family stores nationwide.