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Netflix may have only recently exploded in popularity, but its history goes back to 1997 when it was a website that sold and rented out DVDs, with only 925 titles available. Times have changed, and Netflix now streams scores of the most current television episodes and movies for a monthly subscription fee, although it still maintains its mail DVD rental service for American customers. Netflix' first foray into original programming came in 2009, when the horror webisode Splatter was made available on the service. Lilyhammer followed in February 2012 to little fanfare, but that too has changed since the fourth season of Arrested Development premiered, and Orange is the New Black became the talk of the town in summer 2013. It's now abundantly clear that Netflix is the new TV, so gift that lucky someone the future of entertainment with a Netflix subscription. Each month costs $7.99, and one can buy up to a year's subscription for $95.88.