Stoney River

About Us
The Stoney River chain of steakhouses is named after a legendary lodge in Georgia whose steaks became equally legendary. Whether you believe their story or not, there's no denying that Stoney River has gone above and beyond what the original would've served. The chain's signature dish is the coffee-cured filet mignon, marinated in a delicious mixture of coffee, brown sugar and molasses for a uniquely rich flavor. More conventional offerings, the likes of New York Strip steaks and Prime Rib, are de rigueur for a steakhouse, for which Stoney River only uses USDA Top Choice or higher aged beef.
The original Stoney River lodge, however, wouldn't have served fusion delights such as crunchy tunaahi rolls, tempura lobster tail or “Hong Kong-style” sea bass. Nor would it have utilized premium ingredients in creative ways such as Stoney River's bleu cheese potato chips or Tennessee whiskey-flamed shrimp. Enjoy these exclusive offerings at any of Stoney River's 10 locations across America.