About Us
As the third largest movie theatre circuit in the United States, Cinemark Theatres is a leader in the industry with over 500 theatres and close to 6,000 screens in the US and Latin America. Cinemark brings you the best and brightest 3D experiences with Real3D technology, ultra-sharp image quality and ultimate vibrant colors on all movies shown at a Cinemark theatre. Providing a plethora of the top blockbusters, latest releases and long-acclaimed Cinéart films, there is something for every movie-goer, be it the horror-buff, action aficionado, the comedy lover or hopeless romantic. Cinemax also curates special events such as trilogy marathons, midnight showings, reruns of classic movies as well as concerts recorded in extra high definition for fans to experience their favorite musicians and groups on stage in live time. Experience your favorite movies with the extra large screens and ultimate graphic quality of Cinemark IMAX. Envelop yourself in the world of cinema at Cinemark theatres.