About Us
There's no better way to get in touch with nature than hiking, but if you want to do the environment some good while you're at it, buy your hiking gear from Patagonia. They have GoreTex, down and fleece jackets aplenty for men and women, and tens of durable, waterproof hiking shoes, trainers and wading boots to choose from. Waterproof your gear with a Patagonia bag – all of them are big enough to hold a laptop, in addition to being padded. For warmth, Patagonia produces a wide selection of quick-drying and versatile poly-wool and recycled polyester shirts and thermal tights.

Patagonia also produces hats, yoga gear, socks and even dresses – all produced using responsibly sourced materials that are recyclable to boot. At least 1% of Patagonia's sales are donated to environmental organizations – so you can buy Patagonia products with a clear conscience, as can the person who receives a Patagonia gift card.