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The Mullet: Re-Rack Italian Wool Scarf

- Business in the front, party in the back.
- Incredibly soft, double-sided Italian wool scarf.
- Our signature re-rack party cup motif on one side, classic navy on the other.
- Perfect for football games, Christmas at the family's house, and chilly nights out.
- Made in Italy of 100% Italian wool.

About Us


Lazyjack Press was founded in 2012. The brand soon after launched its first collection in Barneys based on the idea of a luxurious, irreverent take on the traditional European motif tie. Hermès and Ferragamo are great, but Lazyjack Press thought a livelier approach would catch on. They were right. 

The Lazyjack Press customer values old-school European luxury combined with American cheek — thi­s was apparent from their first Italian-made tie, where a red party cup motif appeared on the...

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