Optimal Preventive Healthcare


A comprehensive and thorough Health Assessment through Bio-Communication Scan to find out how healthy are your body organs.With this scan, and together with our range of products, we are able to restore your body's immune system through allergy elimination, detoxification and nutrtional therapy.

Call 6333 4823 now and book for your health assesment, to find out how our unique state of the art device can help to manage your chronic sysmptoms and bring your body back into homeostasis.

About Us

Optimal Preventive Healthcare, conveniently located in the central part of Singapore, is a holistic One-stop center for integrated healthcare and wellness indulgence to restore health through natural therapies.

Using only the purest natural ingredients, it offers a comprehensive range of natural healthcare products, and is a clinic that offers corrective treatments and preventive therapies, as well as a wellness division that offers body and aesthetics treatments.

From the moment you step into...

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