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MarCum VS625SD 6in LCD Color w/OSD

At Marcum Technologies, we set some mighty lofty goals. One of them has been to engineer the ultimate underwater viewing system. Prior to MarCum’s underwater camera mission, much of what was happening below the surface was left to the imagination.

Underwater cameras existed in raw form, but the color and clarity usually left something to be desired. Now, with the VS625sd and VS825sd, watch as your imagination comes to life.

Rich, full color, the highest definition viewscreens and optics possible, and a complete array of on-screen displays and adjustments make these systems the new industry standard in underwater cameras. From Midwest farm ponds to reefs and wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico, these systems really do reveal lunkers and their secret locations— wherever fish swim, Marcum swims right there with ‘em. See for yourself.
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Indoor Archery Range Appleton, WI

Get ready for opening day, fine-tune your skills or settle the debate once and for all against your friends on who’s the better shot at the LARGEST indoor archery range in the Midwest. The Reel Shot’s massive 50-yard indoor archery range in Appleton, WI, (1919 E. Calumet St.) features over 40 Reinhart professional grade targets that can be shot with either a crossbow or compound bow, field tips only. The Reel Shot’s indoor archery range is open ...

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