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Striker ICE - HardWater (Floating) Jacket

The Striker Ice HardWater Jacket combines safety with staying warm and dry to give you one of the best ice fishing jacket options in the industry.Designed to provide maximum protection in all kinds of conditions, this suit is a virtual furnace.

The HardWater will protect to temps far below zero and in shelter-lifting winds. When you get overheated (and you will get overheated!), cool down quickly and comfortably with the unique patent pending "down to the skin" venting. The durable 600D Endura shell is extra tough, and is waterproof, breathable and windproof. Laugh at the cold with Striker Ice HardWater.
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Indoor Archery Range Appleton, WI

Get ready for opening day, fine-tune your skills or settle the debate once and for all against your friends on who’s the better shot at the LARGEST indoor archery range in the Midwest. The Reel Shot’s massive 50-yard indoor archery range in Appleton, WI, (1919 E. Calumet St.) features over 40 Reinhart professional grade targets that can be shot with either a crossbow or compound bow, field tips only. The Reel Shot’s indoor archery range is open ...

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