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- Dos Armadillos Tequila is made at Premium de Jalisco [NOM 1558] in the village of Mazamitla from mature agaves grown in the rich soil of Amatitán.
- The agaves are brought to the distillery where they are cooked with steam in stainless steel autoclaves. Afterwards, they are crushed, transferred to fermentation tanks and allowed to slowly ferment naturally over the course of seven days.
- The fermented wash—called mosto—is then double-distilled in small batches and rendered to 40% alcohol (80 proof) prior to bottling.

About Us

 Galleria Liqueurs is an independently-owned fine wine, beer and spirits retailer with two established locations in Chicago, in the neighborhoods of Old Town and Wrigleyville. 

These are not your ordinary shops. Our shops are brimming with hand-selected products that represent the highest quality at any price.

Our passionate staff has developed a keen sense of value through years of research and countless hours of tasting. We pride ourselves on the ability to cater to any budget and taste. 

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