August 06, 2020

The Global Loyalty Marketplace – a breakthrough in the loyalty industry

Published by August 6, 2021

Customer loyalty is at the core of every business. It generates revenue, impacts the bottom line, retains existing customers, and attracts new ones. The best part about customer loyalty programs is that any type of business can implement them to keep their customers coming back in the long run. Loyalty programs are not just a strategy to retain customers in the short term, they are designed for the long haul. Focusing on existing customers and rewarding them builds affinity and will make these customers spend more over their lifetime with a company. Let us step by step explore the realm of Loyalty Marketplace.

image 13 Build a Loyalty Platform

One of the key elements of a loyalty program is to build a loyalty platform with clear consumer benefits. A lot of companies fall short in this area. The problem they face is that the redemption options they offer are left unredeemed. With the digital landscape in view, and the multitude of brands available to every consumer, it is imperative that companies offer redemption options that are desirable. Customers want to redeem their points for rewards that go with their kind of lifestyle.

Giift’s Global Loyalty Marketplace

That is where the new concept of a global loyalty marketplace by Giift comes in! It is a first-of-its-kind loyalty network empowering every participant – be it a merchant or a program member. And for companies that use this loyalty technology, they have the advantage of making their loyalty program exchangeable to the world. Giift’s loyalty marketplace results in more member acquisition, issuance, redemption, and loyalty exchange. It enables the consumers to convert their points into loyalty currency. Giift’s loyalty marketplace is a loyalty ecosystem where points, rewards, miles, and gift cards can be tracked, issued, and exchanged.

image 6 Solution Driven Loyalty Technology

This is a breakthrough in the loyalty industry as it enables customers to redeem their points both with their loyalty program provider and with other brands on the platform too! This is a solution driven by cutting edge loyalty technology which is seamless in its functionality and at the same time offers global scalability. The global loyalty marketplace is a loyalty ecosystem with unparalleled redemption options. It is one platform that gives access to the consumer to a variety of brands across sectors.

Broad Redemption Spectrum

Currently, the Giift global marketplace has engaged over 65 million users and has over 50,000 loyalty program affiliates worldwide. It is a loyalty platform where members can easily exchange their points, miles, and gift cards anywhere, anytime. The Giift loyalty exchange encircles thousands of global brands across market segments. For instance, it enables miles exchange where a customer can exchange their points or miles for a completely different reward like a hotel stay. This spectrum is so broad, that points can even be redeemed for essentials of everyday life like utility bill payments.

giift loyalty marketplace Effortless Global Scalability

Companies can leverage their loyalty program within the Giift loyalty network. All they must do is join the loyalty marketplace, select their loyalty exchange partner programs, define the exchange ratio, and enable the points, gift cards and miles exchange. Their customers can book flights and hotels or even shop and pay utility bills through this platform! For a company, it is the best way to offer a wider set of redemption options to customers and acquire new members. To experience and leverage global scalability it is best to join the Giift loyalty marketplace!