About Our Retail Store and Merchant Programs

Giift.com is a pioneer in the world of Loyalty programs, Membership programs, Prepaid cards and Gift cards by offering a solution that catapults Retail Store and Merchant Performance Management into the world of modern technology and networks.

Giift.com enables Retail Stores and Merchants to Set up, Customize, Engage and Manage programs online in a more effective and collaborative manner with customers and distribution partners. Performnce improvement can also be closely monitored through online Analytics and detailed Reporting.

Giift.com enables customers to Upload, Manage, Share and Monetize their programs and cards.

Giift.com programs include:

Giift.com provides a simple process to set up and launch your program, in just 5 steps:

  1. Select the program 
  2. Select the objectives, timeline and budget 
  3. Select the participants, target and network
  4. Select the criteria and the rewards
  5. Select the communication channel and reporting mode

It's simple, it's easy, it's helpful, it's rewarding, it's everywhere and it's valuable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to consolidate the benefits of all loyalty and card programs, for issuers and beneficiaries. 


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