All-in-one digital rewards & incentives platform that scales with your business
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftPlum helps you delight your employees or customers by automating rewards & incentive programs across the customer lifecycle. Plum helps automate rewards, incentives & pay-out programs at a global scale with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-region capabilities.

Main Benefits :

Increase turnover
Improve loyalty
✓ Retain customers and partners


Suitable for :

All companies


Everyone gets more done with rewards. Teams across departments use the power of rewards and incentives to delight people and enhance engagement. We bring together everything that’s required to set up rewards, incentives, and pay-outs, for employees, customers, and partners.
Fuel your Employee Engagement Engine
Improve Customer Loyalty
Influence Purchase Decision


Rewards and incentives for every occasion. You can buy, deliver & track digital gift cards instantly and securely from thousands of popular brands to recipients across the globe. Disburse pay-outs via Visa, Master, and Rupay cards. Access the largest and most diverse selection of experiential gifting
Enjoy Gift Cards from 4000+ Global Brands
Disburse Payout with Visa, Master and Rupay Cards
Largest Selection of Experiential Gifting

Instant reward

Engage and retain your customers with exclusive rewards delivered instantly. Make quick refunds and remittances that build trust among your team. Run tiered reward programs with each new tier to be aspirational and offer improved desired benefits instantly. Create game-play mechanics that provide an immediate reward. Build in-app engagement, fully manage the users’ journey, and keep them hooked.
Rewards Delivered Instantly
Quick Refunds & Remittances
Run Tiered Reward Programs
Create Game-play Mechanics


Whether with your partners or prospects, offer exclusive advantages with gift or prepaid cards. Accelerate your pipeline, keep your prospects excited, scale referrals, and improve CAC with gift cards as the backbone of your demand generation or customer referral programs. Improve your relationship with your channel partners with instant pay-outs and exclusive gift vouchers and witness growth in your revenue.
Incentivise Prospects
Turn your Loyal Customers into Lead Generators
Incentivise Partners
Make Fast Payouts to your Agents and Distributors
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftPlum features summary

✓ Organise promotions
✓ Create virtual events
✓ Optimise employee return on investment
✓ Set up and schedule rewards for milestones
✓ Make quick refunds and remittances
✓ Set up tiered reward programs
✓ Create game mechanics with immediate reward
✓ Integrate and launch our API in days