Unleash the potential of your rewards with the biggest merchants' network offering a large range of redemption options.

GiiftMarketplace is the first-of-its-kind network empowering every participant – be it a merchant or program member. The platform offers a huge choice of redemptions to its customers across different categories, which helps to engage and retain them. Giift Marketplace with the most comprehensive redemption suite enabling users to redeem points online, offline, instantly and from any channel.

Main Benefits :
✓ End-to-end global platform
✓ Turnkey redemption network
✓ Self-service content management
✓ Highest perceived value redemption

Suitable for :

✓ Any companies

Giift-Marketplace section

Largest product range

Giiftmarketplace is your one-stop shop for must-haves and lifestyle products: flights, hotels, hi-tech, fashion, jewelry, and more. Accessible in over 50 countries, with 50,000+ affiliate programs and 55 million+ users. Available categories :
Flight/Hotel Booking
Travel Experiences
Local/International Gift vouchers
Ecommerce Shopping
Utility Bills
Mobile Top-ups
Points/Miles Transfers
Airport Lounges Access
Charity Transfers

Plug & Play

Our solution is a standalone platform that offers best-in-class technology and a wide range of features, from merchant enrolment and listing, to redemptions and handling of multiple loyalty currencies. Highly adaptable, our platform seamlessly integrates with all systems, providing a seamless and comprehensive experience for all users.
Standalone Platform
Highly Adaptable
Best-in-class Technology
Compatible with all Systems


Our platform offers a comprehensive redemption suite that allows users to instantly redeem their points online and offline, with delivery options across multiple channels. From merchant enrolment and listing, to handling multiple loyalty currencies, our platform has everything you need to manage your rewards program effectively.
Omni-channel Delivery
Digital & Physical
High Technology
Multiple Loyalty Currency

Extensive digital options

If you can't find what you're looking for in physical products, our solution offers access to a wide range of additional options, including vouchers, gift cards, and even the ability to make donations. With categories including retail gift cards, mall gift cards, online gift cards, donations, and sponsorship, you'll be able to find something to suit your needs.
Wide range of e-vouchers
Gift cards from international trending brands
Worthwhile charity options
Extensive digital options

GiiftMarketplace features summary

✓ Multi-category content with over 50,000 program affiliate including diverse categories such as: flight, hotel, lounge, voucher, points transfer, shopping (High-Tech, Kids, Home, Fashion, Jewelry,..)
✓ Merchant-funded points-back offers
✓ White-label mobile responsive platform
✓ Integrate existing rewards content
✓ Partner Marketplace to encourage client partners to publish and sell products online
✓ Deep analytics & reporting