Points accrual and customer management system for Insurance Industry
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftLBMS Insurance is a complete product-agnostic mobile-friendly platform that gives your brand advanced capabilities with a comprehensive user engagement portal and full self-service management at a global level. Have your very own versatile mobile-loyalty app platform, personalized as per your branding.

In line with the insurance industry standards, it engages your customers with multiple options of accrual throughout their insurance journey.


Main Benefits:

✓ Customer Acquisition

✓ Customer engagement

✓ Brand value increase

✓ Automated customer retention

✓ Build Customer

✓ Lifetime Value

✓ Customer Data


Suitable for:

✓ Insurance Companies


Enjoy an all-in-one turnkey solution from creation to onboarding clients and from driving engagement to a complete CRM solution. The omnichannel interface covers the entire process with just one solution. We enable omnichannel integration from POS, internal data, and any 3rd party.
Complete accrual & redemption
Tier & transaction accrual engine
Analytics tools & support
Comprehensive API Distribution

Swift Deployment

Shortest time to market with seamless and flexible integration. Our solution completely synchronizes the back end (data) to the front end (data) to match your business requirements with a user-friendly interactive mobile-loyalty app. Compatible with all systems, it can be deployed within just a few weeks.
Shortest time to market
Complete sync
Compatible with all systems
Seamless integration

Engine Builder

A fully customizable engine builder to build and maintain your loyalty engine smoothly. Our intelligent engine builder helps you create a reward points engine with customized business rules. Our versatile LaaS (Loyalty as a service) solution makes your loyalty engine pre-structured and yet customizable.
Manage Everything in one Place
A heavily Customizable Rule Engine
Monitor all the activities
Dedicated Loyalty Expert team

Pick & Choose

An easy plug & play option just like you can pick and choose what you want and what you like. Industry’s largest product range from flights, hotels, hi-tech, fashion, jewelry, and more. Accessible in over 50 countries, with 50,000+ affiliate programs and 55 million+ users. Keep adding fresh loyalty features every time.
Easy Plug & Play
Continuously refresh your options
Extensive list of lifestyle products
Biggest redemption marketplace
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftLBMS Insurance Features & Summary

✓ Multiple options of accrual possibilities
✓ Tier/status management
✓ Manages complex CRM
✓ Marketing campaign management
✓ Flexible reward calculation engine
✓ Intuitive content management system
✓ Advanced analytic tools
✓ Security & fraud management

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