Improves company culture and brings the entire digital workplace to life

An all-in-one engagement platform for employees, Empuls helps you build an engaged workplace, where everyone is aligned, motivated, and connected.

Main Benefits :

Improve company culture
Increase productivity
Upgrade net promoting score (about 67%)


Suitable for :

All companies



Complete engagement stack for teams of all sizes, no matter where your people work. Create a direct link between managers and employees via communication, exchange, survey, rewards, and more. Lets you maintain a pulse on your organization’s culture and climate.
Available Anywhere
Suitable for any Company Size
Leverage Communication


Stay top of mind with your employees by building trust with consistent and transparent communication. Keep connections alive for your employees with a customized social intranet designed for distributed teams.
Improve Collaboration
Engage Employees
Enhance Company Culture

Test & Learn

Help teams communicate, inspire, and solicit feedback while leveraging data to focus on areas of improvement that will positively impact employee performance. Allow leaders to improve their decision-making process towards their team.
Gauge Employee Sentiment
Get Deeper Insights with Surveys
Improve Employee Performance


Foster a culture of appreciation with rewards & recognition, with fun, and for each occasion or milestone. Praise your team for their achievements, great ideas, and helpful suggestions.
Make Peer Recognition Social & Fun
Celebrate with Rewards & Gifts
Allow Exclusive Discounts

GiiftEmpuls features summary

✓ Communicate with employees
✓ Create a community group
✓ Engage everybody in the social experience
✓ Pulse surveys to gauge employee sentiment
✓ Improve employee performance with 1:1 Feedback
✓ Make peer recognition candid, social & fun
✓ Celebrate every occasion and milestone with rewards & gifts
✓ Savings for employees through exclusive perks & discounts