Drives performance for sales teams, channel partners, gig workforce, delivery workers, and call center teams
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GiiftCompass helps companies of various industries simplify and automate their already existing incentive program with a twist.

The platform aims to gamify companies’ reward programs to boost their workforce’s engagement and productivity.

Main Benefits :

Improve productivity
Increase overall revenue
✓ Optimise communication


Suitable for :

All companies



Your sales teams have consistent amounts, and clear KPIs, and their bonus payments are made on time. Benefit from Error-free calculations & on-time disbursals at the click of a button enabling great relationships with your team. Bring transparency to the very heart of your company culture for a more productive organization.
Clear KPIs
On-time Bonus Payments
Error-free Calculation
On-time Disbursals

Quick launch

Publish incentive programs in record time: game choice, KPI, rules, variables... all without any coding. Choose sales commission templates and publish in under 10 minutes. Onboarding is easy and incentive programs can be managed easily.
Publish Incentives Programs Instantly
No Code Required
Easy Program Management


Follow the performance of your team in real-time! Bulletin boards foster a competitive workspace, motivating your team to achieve more. Powerful, real-time insights combined with predictive analytics help you plan better - across teams and the entire organization!
Real-Time Tracking
Plan the Quotas Better
Predictive Analytics

Seamless integration

Integrate Compass via webhooks, APIs, or SDKs. Link and add gate filters in case of multiple data sources. Easy integration with CRMs such as Salesforce, SAP, Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, and many others allows you to consolidate data for better insights. Handpick data points and graphical representation to publish a widget.
Webhooks, APIs, and SDKs Available
Seamless CRMs Integrations
Publish Widgets Instantly
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftCompass features summary

✓ Choose sales commission templates from a large diverse list
✓ Publish your program in under 10 minutes
✓ Track your team’s performance, in real-time
✓ Calculation of commissions and payment on the date
✓ Automated nudges to motivate behavior and drive performance.
✓ Direct the incentive into game mode
✓ Celebrate every occasion and milestone with rewards & gifts
✓ View predictive analytics