Merchant-funded offers platform
create various offers digitally
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftBox is the solution that makes it easy for merchants to create various offers digitally: vouchers, coupons, exclusive offers, and a whole lot of promotions in self-service mode.

Main Benefits :

✓ Increase turnover
✓ Recruit new buyers
✓ Retain your customers


Suitable for :

All merchants



Create the template you want so that it matches your brand and your requirements: select one of the graphic coupon styles and customize it completely to your image. You can also pick diverse offers among fixed value/ discount, free-format, and products.
Customized Coupons
Brand Image
Various Offers
Less than One Minute


Send out your campaign across channels like your website, app, social media pages, email, and text messages. In just a few clicks, your operation is online, and you can communicate with a personalized URL or a QR code generated on demand.
Easy to Launch
Various Channels
Direct Link
QR Code Friendly


Share offers with your customers directly and publish them to the Giift ecosystem to access an audience of over 80 million. In just a few hours, the published offers generate qualified and engaged traffic with your brand on your destination channels. Moreover, mechanics have been assessed for excellent conversion rates.
Giift Ecosystem
Qualified Traffic
Conversion Rates
Customer Engagement


Access reports to monitor the performance and return on investment of your offer and modify it in real-time if necessary. Reporting and analytics allow you to follow user journeys by precisely identifying friction points: clicks, views, subscriptions, and profiles... and to make the best decisions to adjust the campaign and achieve your objectives.
Analysis & Reports
Real-time Optimization
Data Performance
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

GiiftBox features summary

✓ Create diverse offers (fixed value/ discount, free format, and product)
✓ Merchant-funded points-back offers
✓ Generate voucher codes through GiiftBox or use existing voucher codes, static code
✓ Set stock and budget limits for the offer
✓ Possibility to collect customer data which beneficial for merchants for future engagement
✓ Provide secured redemption and validation process in multiple ways and avoid fraud on the customer and cashier side
✓ Generate link URL and QR code
✓ Create an unlimited offers campaign
✓ Communicate to the Giift ecosystem with possible extensive reach