Nunn Bush

About Us
Nunn Bush Shoe Co. has had over a century's experience in manufacturing and selling men's shoes. The products offered by the company today combine classic styles with modern technology. Wingtips, penny loafers and cadet shoes are just a few of the varieties of dress shoes offered by Nunn Bush, while sandals and mountaineering shoes comprise of their casual stock. Each pair of dress shoes has a gel insole and lightweight rubber soles, and their casual styles are all fitted with special treads for excellent traction. Both leather and non-leather options are available for all styles, even for boots – Nunn Bush's Bristol boots are even made of premium, kidskin leather. There are Nunn Bush stores in Canada and the United States, as well as retailers of Nunn Bush shoes, but only the online store takes gift cards. The company ships to both countries as well, and in addition provides free shipping for purchases of over $75.