MEIDI-YA Privilege

About Us
Japan is well known for its high quality products, and Meidi-ya is where you can find them in Singapore. Meidi-ya is a Japanese chain of up-market grocery stores, operating mostly in and around Tokyo. Meidi-ya's Singapore branch is only one of two locations outside of Japan, selling local produce, Japanese foods both locally-made and imported, and own-brand condiments. Products they have on offer include imported Wagyu beef, freshly made bentos, natto, tarako, oden and other hard-to-find Japanese specialties. Few things go better with Japanese food than sake, more than thirty kinds of which are for sale at Meidi-ya, including everything from umeshu to shochu made from sweet potatoes – all imported directly from Japan. For a nominal administration fee of S$2, you can apply for a Meidi-
ya Privilege membership card. Earn points for every purchase you make – simply display the card at the cashier. Just 2000 points will earn you a rebate voucher for S$20!