Kaplan Early Learning

About Us
Kaplan Early Learning deeply believes that playing is invaluable in providing the skills necessary for each child to thrive later in life – which is why every one of the hundreds of products on offer is entertaining and educational at the same time. You may build up a toddler's coordination skills with a rocking horse ride, or foster their creativity with Kaplan's painting, drawing and crafts supplies. Even role-playing is a teaching opportunity – dressing up and acting in Kaplan's extensive range of costumes is the ideal way of fostering the vital skill of social interaction. Kaplan Early Learning also sells curricula and assessments, each tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of a particular class, age group or community. Give a Kaplan gift card – available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations, they are the perfect token of appreciation for a teacher or school administrator.