Oil & Gas

Ensuring a competitive advantage through loyalty.
GiiftMarketplace - Maximize your rewards redemption with our vast merchant network and diverse redemption options.

The Oil and Gas industry has always had an important impact on the global economy as it is one of the primary sources of energy in the world.

Being a resource that is used daily by companies, the latter indefinitely try to find the best supplier (to optimize their budget.) A constant quest for the best solution will consequently take away any loyalty.

The sector of Oil and Gas is a highly competitive one, and a lack of humanity can be sensed. Including Giift’s loyalty solutions and reward system as one of the pillars of a company will therefore participate in humanizing the consumer relationship, creating a more engaged and loyal relationship and a feeling of attachment in the consumers’ minds. In the end, companies will gain a sizable competitive advantage as they can create long-lasting, faithful, and sturdy relationships.

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Giift Marketplace

The GiiftMarketplace is our unique global network of merchants and provides an expansive redemption catalog that resonates with the customers’ lifestyles. It allows instant real-time redemption of points in exchange for an array of products and services: Travel, shopping, gift cards, CSR activities, utility payments, and much more.
White-labelled Solution
Widest Redemption Suite
Global Scalability

Giift Engage

GiiftEngage is a modular and multifaceted product uniquely designed for brands to connect with customers through personalized digital customer experiences and engagement drivers. It can be included as a campaign management platform to support your loyalty program or it can be used as a stand-alone campaign management platform to drive usage and engagement and reward customers on desired behavior and outcomes across your portfolio. You can launch tactical and long-term campaigns within minutes replete with gamification modules to enhance customer experience.
Campaign Setup and Management
Consolidated Data Analytics
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Giift Box

GiiftBox is a web tool that makes it easy for merchants to set up offers digitally. They can create vouchers, coupons, and special discounts, through a self-service mode! All it takes is 3 simple steps – create, publish and validate offers. These offers are then pumped into Giift’s ecosystem for local and global clients, partners, and affiliates.
Offer Management
Direct Reach
Reporting & Analytics

Giift Empuls

The GiiftEmpuls is the first holistic employee engagement solution. It allows you to connect, listen and act with your people and empower them through recognition and rewards. Human resources, Business leaders, People leaders, or Employees – Empuls addresses the needs of everyone at the workplace.
Quick Launch
All-in-one Platform
People Analytics

Giift Compass

With GiiftCompass, you can gamify a reward & incentive program for your Sales team. No matter how complex your programs are, our technology can handle them from start to finish. Select one of our game templates, define KPIs and publish it without coding in under 10 minutes.
Seamless Integration
Easy-to-use Admin Console
Optimized Security

Giift Plum

GiiftPlum is our all-in-one digital rewards & incentives platform, that scales with your business. It allows you to buy & track digital gift cards instantly and securely from thousands of popular brands across the globe. Gift cards, Prepaid cards, Experiences – there’s something for everyone and every occasion.
International Coverage
Customized Rewards
Omni-channel Gift Cards Delivery