Get the most out of all your loyalty, mileage programs and gift cards 



Manage all your cards & programs in one place allows you to easily manage all your loyalty and mileage programs, memberships and gift cards in one single portfolio. 


How it works? - Registering on

Step#1 – Sign in by providing username, email address, password and country of residence, or by using your Facebook or Google+ account. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion.

Step#2 – Activate your account: check your email account for a notification from and click on the link to validate your email address and complete the registration.  

Step#3 – Your registration has been successful… Welcome to the network!  Our tutorial is designed to assist you on your journey…

Step#4 – Welcome to your Dashboard. You can now upload your loyalty programs, gift cards and add friends to "My Portfolio". The dashboard will give an overview of all of your programs and gift cards, including their current value in cash and your friends' activities will be displayed as well.


What do I have? How much is it worth? - What do I have? How much is it worth?

Build your portfolio – add your mileage and loyalty programs, gift and membership cards to your portfolio by following the instructions. It will only take a few minutes to retrieve your cards and programs, and to display their current balance as well as other details (such as card value, expiration dates, redemption information etc.). currently keeps track of the balances of more than 500 mileage and loyalty programs, gift and membership cards including the most frequently used ones. We are adding new programs and cards every day, so even if yours is not trackable yet, it will be very soon.

No more unused prepaid or gift cards at the bottom of your bag, no more confusing emails from hotels where you stayed, no more airlines miles lost or points you don't know how to redeem…

With, you have it all in one place and you know how much it is worth!

Now let’s see how you can maximize the use of your programs and cards…


Monetize the value - Monetize the value of your miles, loyalty programs and gift cardsWhat can I really do with my mileage and loyalty programs and gift and membership cards?

Shop online, redeem your points or value – allows you to redeem your points and value instantly and directly from your portfolio in just one click. For each loyalty program, gift or membership card, direct access to the best deals and promotional offers will be displayed! 

With, no more spending hours trying to figure out how to redeem or optimize your programs and cards, we do it for you. Take advantage of our tremendous offers and shop the world today! - Monetize the value of your miles, loyalty programs and gift cards

Sell or exchange your points or value online and trade the cards and programs no longer used for cash or other cards and programs (as long as such programs and cards are exchangeable and tradable).

See what is available and offer something to trade against, or simply let people send you offers and accept or refuse them. It is that simple!




Share & exchange with friends - Share and exchange with your friends

Interest of sharing with friends

By adding your programs and cards to your portfolio, you will also be able to share interesting offers and promotions, exchange value or points with your friends. The more connections you have, the more savings you can access!

Also, adding friends on allows you to remember your friends’ important events, such as birthdays, and give them instantly the right e-gift card. 

Connect with friends on the network and take the first step to planning something amazing together while earning money at the same time! And don't forget, you will be rewarded for anyone who registers because of your invitation email or your personal link.  

How do I invite friends?

Solution#1 – Send invitations by email. Go to "My friends", enter your friends' email addresses, type your message and click on "Invite my friends". 

Solution#2 – Share a link. Copy the link displayed at the bottom of the "My friends" page. This link is personal, you can use it wherever you want (in emails or in your favorite forums signature for instance).


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