Unlocking the full potential of your loyalty programs

In today’s dynamic digital space, being diligent with customer retention boosts your brand perception and enhances customer loyalty. So strengthen your customer retention strategies by designing high-performing and well-targeted engagement campaigns.

Our solutions give you a comprehensive approach to proactive customer engagement. By using our loyalty solutions as a marketing tactic you can lower your CAC. You can also pump up customer profitability with our data-driven lead-generation tactics. From quality lead generation to activating dormant customers and from retaining valuable customers to increasing your business revenue, get it all on one platform.


Main Benefits:


✓ Customer Acquisition

✓ Higher engagement

✓ Customer retention

✓ Increased Revenue

✓ Lead generation

✓ Activate dormant leads

✓ Retain existing clients


Suitable For:

✓ Banks, Insurance

✓ Oil, Gas

✓ Hotel, Airlines

✓ Telecom, E-Commerce, & more

Engagement campaign

Ensure to connect with your customers with exciting and engaging content with our predefined strategic email engagement campaigns. We help you stay away from the ‘Junk Mail’ folder and drive your customers to not only open but also to click and successfully convert.
Turnkey content creation
Real-time targeted marketing
Strong bond of commitment
Compliance with graphic guidelines

Onboarding materials

First impressions are last impressions, so impress your prospects with elegant customized, and personalized onboarding materials. Design engaging materials at every customer touch point such as landing pages, tutorials, images, and more. GiiftStudio produces all the most impactful elements to engage your customers in your program.
Optimized customer journey
Highly performance landing pages
Explanatory video tutorials
Personalized messages
Need help?
At Giift, we believe that the best solution is the one that is tailor-made for your business. So, get in touch with our industry experts to find the right solution for you!
loyalty program

App store optimization

We help you leverage your customer loyalty to build strong content strategies to boost the promotion of your App. By taking into account the multiple leavers, GiiftStudio optimizes your ASO resulting directly in increased app downloads. We enable you to set industry benchmarks by leading the competition.
Analyzing target audience
Production of diverse content
Strong content strategies
Recommendations on ratings & reviews


We help you optimize your search engine ranking and promote profitable search engine marketing campaigns with strategic SEO and SEA where our experts work meticulously on your targets with focused keywords and facilitate the generation of qualified website traffic on the targeted pages.
Semantic analysis & technical audit
Defining optimized targets
Optimizing website pages
High-quality Ad content
Optimized blog/article content
Report & Analytics