May 18, 2021

Giift announces the launch of ‘Giift Box’.

Singapore, May 17, 2021

We are excited to introduce Giift Box! It is a new and effective platform which will empower the merchants to create promotions and engage the customers digitally, all in a self-service mode.

Giift never fails to deliver and is always in the front line with ingenious technology that is scalable and sustainable at the same time. Talk about a self-sustaining and scalable platform, Giift Box is all every merchant, from kiosks to supermarkets will need to affordably engage their loyal customers with 3 simple steps – create, publish, and finally validate. The offers can be in-store or online. It is an innovative yet user-friendly platform that will play a pivotal role in the upturn of SME businesses.

With the launch of ‘Giift box, we now cater to every segment from microenterprises to large corporates. Learn more about what it has to offer from the worldwide coverage of ‘Giift Box’.

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