Latest trends & articles on the loyalty industry.
    customer retention rate
    March 03rd
    How to increase your customer retention
    Customer retention has become a critical topic in today's business world. With increasing competition and customer expectations, your business must focus on retaining existing customers to grow and thrive.
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    Loyalty program trends
    February 28th
    The loyalty program trends 2023
    Customer loyalty is on the rise. With the uncertainty of today’s dynamic business world, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about what they buy and, more importantly, where they buy it from.
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    Customer loyalty program
    February 24th
    How to Measure a Customer Loyalty Program's Success?
    Nowadays, with excessive competition and endless choices for customers, brands are doing their best to focus on customer retention.
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    customer lifetime value
    February 20th
    Loyalty program and impact on customer lifetime value
    In today’s dynamic market, the costs of marketing and advertising for your Brand are going sky-high. Also, you put endless efforts into acquiring new customers along with massive customer acquisition costs.
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    loyalty employee
    February 17th
    Build strong employee loyalty
    Do you know how we always feel that the grass is greener on the other side? Well, employee loyalty rewards programs are a way to stop your employees from thinking about your organization the same way.
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    customer loyalty programs
    February 09th
    What is a customer loyalty program?
    Our Guide to What is a Customer Loyalty Program
    In today’s fast-paced digital world where every industry is thriving to go through digital transformation ...
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    referral program
    February 09th
    What is a referral program?
    All you need to know about a referral program
    Have you ever thought about how much money you could make by rewarding your existing customers for spreading the word about your brand?
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    Bank loyalty programs
    February 09th
    Bank loyalty programs: 4 successful examples (2023)
    Best strategies for bank loyalty programs (2023)
    As digital innovation continues to revolutionize the banking industry, the way customers are being treated is changing.
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    October 10th
    Importance of loyalty programs as investment
    Importance of Loyalty Programs as Investment Studies show that focusing on and enhancing customer retention by just 5% can boost ...
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    May 16th
    Finding deeper value for customers
    Every business craves to forge an unbreakable bond with its customers. In today's economic climate, it has become more imperative than ...
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    October 13th
    Game-changing loyalty technology
    Integrating technology to amplify your business has become the need of the hour. Since the trying year of 2020, businesses have left no territory unexplored to fulfill ...
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    June 21st
    Customer segmentation, an ace in the loyalty game!
    Companies all over the world are trying new things to come up with solutions to keep the customers engaged and gain long-term customer loyalty. It can be a challenging task ...
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    May 12th
    Google algorithm update 2021: what it means for ecommerce brands
    Google is set to launch a new algorithm update in May that favors the page experience. You need to act quickly, improve your on-site experience, and rely less on organic search for growth.
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    August 06th
    Top benefits of a customer loyalty program
    Companies all over the globe are increasingly implementing loyalty programs in the digital age. A customer loyalty program is basically a system crafted by the ...
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    August 06th
    The evolution of loyalty programs
    Today, loyalty programs are everywhere – from small retail stores to airlines and online platforms. From the early days of introducing loyalty programs to the modern digital age ...
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