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#breakingnews Redeem Your Points With Giift and Ride With Uber

Singapore, 11 July 2019

Giift, the Loyalty Marketplace specializing in the exchange of loyalty currencies (points, miles, gift cards, rewards) collaborates with Uber to enhance its Points Redemption platform.

Uber is a leading ride-hailing technology platform based in San Francisco. Having started in 2010 to connect people to rides at the touch of a button, the company has continued to build products that help move people, food and things through cities and now operates worldwide.

Giift’s collaboration with Uber will broaden the horizon for points redemption and enable its customers the convenience of transportation services globally. It will open opportunities of redemption, member acquisition and ultimately loyalty. This will create inroads for customers across the globe, with applicable geographies enabling them to convert their current accumulated program points for an Uber voucher for any city in which UBER operates in the world.

With travel being a global phenomenon today, Giift enables travelers to exchange points and gift cards for rides that make that journey easy and convenient. It also serves to boost the business of exchange partners.

Giift being the Loyalty marketplace and Uber igniting the opportunity by setting the world in motion is a perfect combination that will result in a positive impact in the future and to enrich the value proposition and continuously endeavor to innovate and evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the consumer and for the future generations in years to come.​

About Giift: Giift is a Loyalty Marketplace, where points, rewards, miles and gift cards can be tracked, issued and exchanged. Giift operates in more than 50 countries, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Wuhan, Nairobi, Dubai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Colombo and soon Doha, Lagos, Cairo and Dhaka. Giift’s business model is transaction based.

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