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Giift Marketplace

Make Your Program Exchangeable To The World

The Giift Marketplace is the first-of-its-kind network empowering every participant – be it a merchant or program member. It delivers integration of the highest scale of merchant enrolment and listing, redemptions; unifying loyalty currencies into a single format of GiiftCoin, transforming loyalty points/miles into fungible currencies,
creating a new market concept and segment. Its focus lies in bringing forth the maximum potential of every rewards program and currency.
It inspires to complete the circle of loyalty through more member acquisition, issuance, redemption and exchange.


Products across 50+ countries

  • Our global network spans 55 countries, has over 50,000 affiliate programs and
    engages more than 65m users.

Simple, Seamless Functionalities

  • Our solution works as standalone and
    is highly adaptable to seamlessly integrate with your system.

Omni-channel Delivery

  • Makes delivery easy across a host of channels including Email, APIs and
    SMS for digital goods, as well as physical delivery.

Best-in-class Technology

  • Tested across the feature set, from merchant enrolment
    and listing, redemptions, and multiple loyalty currency handling.


Partner with leading global brands


Connect and partner with leading global
brands and leverage your program.

Exchange Points, Miles Gift Cards


Find abundant leading global brands and services to exchange your
points/miles/gift cards with.

Key Benefits

Global Redemption Platform

Redemption Options

Access to an extensive global catalog of
redemption options including the best
brands across categories

Track Loyalty Marketplace Anlaytics

Track Efficacy,
Enhance Value

With 95% of orders automatically delivered,
enjoy hassle-free support, commerce operations,
analytics and tracking

Global Scalability and Reliability


Leverage access to an ever growing
50k+ affiliated programs in more than
55 countries and across market segments

Join the Largest Loyalty Marketplace

Make Your Program Exchangeable To The World

Register Your Program

  • – The Giift Marketplace is the first-of-its-kind network
  • –  Register Your Program

Select Partners,
Define Exchange Ratio

  • – Select exchangeable programs
  • – Define points/rewards/gift card exchange or redemption ratio
  • – Increase program engagement
  • – Acquire members

Promote Program:
Select Partners to
Publish Program

  • – Promote on own/Giift website/App
  • – Social wallets (Apple wallet, Android wallet…)
  • – Tap into new user space

Leverage Program Worldwide

  • – 50k+ affiliated programs
  • – 55 countries
  • – 65 million users
  • – All market segments

Upscale Member Satisfaction

  • – Automatic registration
  • – Instant enrolment
  • – Global redemption options
  • – All market segments

Track Efficacy, Enhance Value

  • – Payments, confirmations & settlements
  • – Reporting & analytics
  • – Multi-language
  • – Points exchange
  • – Country management
  • – FX management

Members can exchange points/miles/gift cards anywhere, anytime

Enabling user interaction through own/brand website, Giift undertakes the entire end-to-end process of integrating members with programs. Program elements like egift cards, membership information are communicated via email. Users can access transaction history on the dedicated portal.

Enabling enrolments through mobile payments, App usage, Giift applies technological innovation to cover the entire process from design to management.

Giift enables a loyalty program to be integrated with digital wallets; for example enabling egift cards to be sent to digital wallets, addressing needs of a digital lifestyle.




Each day Giift Marketplace serves over 50,000 loyalty
program affiliates. Empower your Program with us!

Our Clients

Companies across market segments apply Giift’s Marketplace into their solutions

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