Loyalty Issuance

Curating Loyalty

Giift supports businesses across industry sectors to create their own loyalty programs and gift card solutions, in a holistic manner intrinsic to Giift. Here, we design a program, architect its customer journey, develop the program through enrolment and activation, manage functionalities across earn & burn, redemptions, partnership alignments and program analysis.

Our Giift Banking & Payments division headquartered in Dubai steers strategic loyalty programs demanded by the financial sector.

Loyalty Program

Gift Card Solutions


Our focus being comprehensive solutions, we identify and design the most appropriate ‘accrual’ function for a program from
various categories including Loyalty Points, eGift Cards, Cashback, Hotel Points, Air Miles and Shop.

End-to-End Program Management

  • A 4-pronged approach leads to an empowering program execution

Multi-faceted Accrual Options

  • Flexibility enables a program to be intuitive and innovative

Encourages Member Acquisition

  • Customization results in higher ROIs

End-to-End Process

We adopt a 4-pronged approach with best-in-class practices to create optimal solutions for a loyalty program


Personalize program set-up (logo, T&C, templates, notifications…)

Multi-program option: loyalty points, air miles, egift cards, memberships


Program(s) creation, content interface or creation, account creation, user rights, reporting

Web, API, App development


API connections, POS integration, Wallet(s) interface, registration pages



Program management, notifications, payments, settlements, upgrades

Connect to Loyalty Marketplace, reporting and analytics

Types of Programs

We empower member accrual through routes that are channel agnostic and product agnostic including:
Enabling user interaction through own/brand website, Giift undertakes the entire end-to-end process of integrating members with programs. Program elements like egift cards, membership information, are communicated via email. Users can access transaction history on the dedicated portal.


Enabling enrolments through mobile payments, App usage, Giift applies technological innovation to cover the entire process from design to management.


Giift enables a loyalty program to be integrated with digital wallets; for example enabling egift cards to be sent to digital wallets, addressing needs of a digital lifestyle.


Giift’s Marketplace empowers coupons to be pervasive, in that they can be redeemed across retail and merchant partners within the network.


Giift manages the entire spectrum of designing the program and integrating various merchant outlets.


Giift’s end-to-end program management provides a seamless loyalty program. Integrating the program with Giift's Marketplace leverages the scope of member acquisition and loyalty.


Social Media
Tapping into this route enables an instant and seamless connect with users.

Social Media

eGift Cards
A strong global merchant partnership encourages member accrual with eGift Cards. It can be customized as a pre-paid gift card solution. It is redeemable across merchants/brands. A client can derive benefits through Giift's Marketplace.

eGift Cards