Giift Loyalty Business Management System

Points accrual and customer management system

From loyalty program creation and on-boarding of customers, to having an omnichannel interface, driving customer engagement and getting access to a CRM solution for reporting, this platform has it all! What’s more, it ensures data privacy and security, and also enables comprehensive API distribution across digital assets.
This is the one stop SaaS based loyalty solution for your brand!


Loyalty Management

  • From program creation to building points and rewards,
    this platform covers everything. It aligns to your
    strategy points accrual and redemption.

Accrual Engine

  • Designed to boost program profitability and member engagement,
    the accrual engine enables tier and transaction accrual rules, as well as
    behavior and activity based earning of points.

Actionable Analytics & Reporting

  • Provides data analytics tools and support, such as
    customer views and insights, which enable you to
    better reward desired customer behavior.

Comprehensive API Distribution

  • You can seamlessly integrate our solution into
    an existing IT infrastructure, on-premise or
    in the Cloud, with the assurance of security.

Key Benefits

Customer Management

One solution for program creation,
setting tiers and frequency,
communication mechanism

Accrual Engine

Tier based, Transaction based,
Behavioral and Activity based

Omnichannel Interface

Cross channel insights, Unified and
personalised Customer Experience,
Improved data collection

Curated Marketplace

Covering categories like travel,
online shopping, gift cards & vouchers
and Giift Exchange