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Loyalty Program Design & Integration

Program Design & Integration

Our loyalty program design capabilities are aligned to your marketing strategy and aimed at maximizing your ROI. We provide end-to-end solutions from program conception to launch, providing the required technology platforms and data analytics. Our platform provides an extensive set of APIs for quick integration to various POS systems, websites, apps and more. With cutting-edge program design and integration, our platform delivers measurable impact on customer behaviors and brand financials.

Program Management

Our aim is to create a customer centric program that works for you and delivers value. Our loyalty program management expertise includes product strategy, design, planning, processing and card management. Sophisticated and collaborative, our SaaS platform enables you to not only successfully manage your program, but also make it customizable and scalable.

Loyalty Program Management
Accrual Engine in Reward Programs

Points Accrual

Equipped with multiple accrual modes and the ability to add any accrual type, our accrual engine provides differentiation at product level, spend level, partner level, MCC level and campaign & tactical level. It is product and industry agnostic and facilitates flexible points calculation with configurable business rules and real-time points issuance and redemption. Our accrual engine is designed to boost program profitability and member engagement.

Points Redemption

Our redemption marketplace gives a brand unrivaled options that they can offer their customers. Once you join the marketplace you can enable points / rewards / miles / gift cards redemption with partner programs across the world. Enabled by our global network, our redemption catalogs include favourite brands from across the world, which makes the loyalty experience more rewarding for customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Some of the key highlights of redemptions made possible by our marketplace are:

  • 965 Airline Bookings
  • 730k Hotel and Apartment Bookings
  • 25 Airlines and Hotel Miles Exchanges
  • 5k Lounges
  • 550 Car Rentals
  • 75k Tours & Experiences
  • 20k eGift card & Vouchers
  • 350 Telco Airtime
  • 70 Donations
  • 125k Small Merchants
Gift Card Redemption Programs
Lead and Portfolio Management Analytics

Portfolio Management & Analytics

Using our comprehensive Lead Management System, we enable businesses to optimize, classify, route and track business leads. Coupled with this our Analytics Suite provides an integrated view of your web and mobile analytics to ensure you observe customer touchpoints as well as get a comprehensive view of your customer’s unique journey. Moreover, our suite uses dedicated data warehouses to understand consumer behavior and enable predictive analytics for targeted segments.

Partnership Management

Our global footprint has enabled us to create numerous partnerships and integrations with leading names across markets and segments. Linking with merchants forms an essential part of an effective loyalty strategy and customer relations programs. A well-defined merchant network allows for a broader customer base. Our experienced partnership team is here to collaborate with you to develop the right partnership plans that propel your growth.

Merchant Partnership and Integration
Customer Engagement - Brand Loyalty

Customer Engagement

In a fast paced digital market, customer engagement is one of the cornerstones for building brand loyalty. Our combination of people, process and platform enables you to connect and engage seamlessly with your customers. Our modules are designed with this objective and we also have gamification tools with engaging surprise-and-delight mechanisms like special offers and interactive apps. Our solutions enable you to integrate loyalty on every channel and drive higher engagement across platforms.

Customer Acquisition

Loyalty programs not only help customer retention, but can also help your business achieve other important goals such as lowering acquisition costs and boosting customer lifetime value. Our platforms are designed to make your customer base grow. With our widespread network and omni-channel structure, we offer the possibility of hooking your customers across various channels like social, mobile, web and offline, and ensure that this drives more successful conversions.

Customer Retention and Acquisition