Giift launches CoolfenPay, a fully integrated Points Payment Gateway

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Giift capitalizes on mobile payment and loyalty points convergence

Singapore, 15 June 2019

Today, Giift, the Loyalty Marketplace specializing in the exchange of loyalty currencies (points, miles, gift cards, rewards) announced that it has launched “CoolfenPay”, a fully integrated Points Payment Gateway with Alipay and WeChat in China.

“CoolfenPay offers unrivalled Loyalty Points Offline Payment, turning points into a universal payment currency and abolishing the frontier between payment and loyalty points” says Giift Chief Product Officer Dr. Yinzhou Zhou.

“In every market, we see loyalty members willing to turning their points into currency. Giift Loyalty Marketplace already offers the most incredible experience for Points online payment. CoolfenPay technology takes us one step further in our loyalty currency journey. GiiftPay, the western version of CoolfenPay, is expected to be launched in Q3 ‘19” adds company co-founder and Director Pascal Xatart.

About Giift is a Loyalty Marketplace, where points, rewards, miles, gift cards can be issued (accrued), tracked, and exchanged. Giift operates in more than 50 countries, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Wuhan, Nairobi, Dubai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Colombo, Doha, Lagos, Cairo and Dhaka. Giift business model is transaction based.

For more information about this story, contact:

Pascal Xatart, Co-Founder & Director
[email protected]

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