Banking & Payments

Innovative Loyalty Solutions for financial services

With the rise of digital platforms in the financial world, effective loyalty solutions go a long way in building customer relationships for companies in this sector. Our solutions guide you to customize your bank’s offerings into a product that resonates with customers, and also facilitate a loyalty exchange like never before. Our platforms enable seamless operations and digital experiences with a wide choice of rewards that influence customer behavior – both for transactions and brand interactions.


The Giift LBMS platform is a one-stop solution for loyalty management and customer engagement. This SaaS based platform has it all – from loyalty program creation and on-boarding of customers, to having an omnichannel interface, driving customer engagement and a CRM suite for reporting.

Giift Self Service Platform

Today, companies need simple tools and quick deployment to run tactical marketing and loyalty campaigns. The Giift Self Service Platform allows that seamlessly with the advantage of managing your loyalty program with a click! You also get direct access to Giift’s world-class redemption catalogs.

Giift Engage

The world has adopted contactless ways of transacting, shopping and doing a lot more. Giift Engage is a stand-alone marketing and engagement platform that enables brands to connect with their customers through personalized digital customer experiences that keep them engaged.

Giift Marketplace

The Giift Marketplace is a first-of-its-kind network which specializes in the exchange of loyalty currencies – points, miles, gift cards, rewards. It is well suited for brands as it inspires to complete the circle of loyalty through more member acquisition, issuance, redemption and exchange.


GiiftPay is a mobile payment loyalty app that offers scalability to payment companies and SMEs and opens up a wide choice of redemptions for customers. It is a state-of-the-art Coalition Reward Program that addresses the needs of payment processors, small merchants and consumers.