About Us

Next-gen loyalty solutions to reach, retain and reward your customers

Since inception, we’ve been committed to crafting innovative loyalty solutions. Staying true to our pioneering ideology, Giift is continuously setting new benchmarks for the industry. We offer end-to-end Loyalty Program Management which is aimed at acquiring new customers, building lasting relationships and strengthening brand loyalty. With our focus on high-end technology, and coupled with our global experience in executing projects across industries, we create meaningful loyalty experiences that power lifetime connections with your customers.

Giift’s global footprint is spread across 55 countries over 50,000 programs and engages more than 65 million users. We provide next-gen loyalty solutions for banking, payments, travel, utilities, retail and many other sectors. Constantly driving growth and expansion, we have scaled our operations across the globe. With our headquarters in Singapore, we have additional offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Wuhan, Beijing, Nigeria, Nairobi, Dubai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Colombo, Doha and Dhaka.

The Giift Growth Story

Starting out in 2013, we have always been at the forefront of innovative loyalty solutions. Our full stack functionalities address issuer and user expectations alike. Our solutions not only become a valuable component of your business, they ensure your brand meets current trends and future market needs. Our journey of reinventing loyalty has been propelled by passion, commitment and technological prowess and delivers convergence, integration and transparency.


Giift’s vision is to connect individuals and businesses worldwide through the most innovative loyalty marketplace enabling users to earn, burn, exchange and consolidate any type of rewards without restriction and enabling businesses to thrive.


Our mission is to turn rewards programs into fungible currencies, to make them more valuable for their issuers (businesses), and for their beneficiaries (users).

Value Chain

Loyalty programs can miss meeting their objectives due to stagnant memberships, limited design and technical support, minimal scope etc. Our approach helps maximize value at every stage of the program lifecycle for successful execution.




Managing a program throughout its lifecycle, enhancing value at every stage


Optimizing execution and program scope


Single-source model, cost efficacy, maximizing market opportunity

Technological Intelligence

Innovating to inspire member acquisition, redemption and ROI

How it Works

Traditional Loyalty Ecosystem - How it Works
Giift Loyalty Marketplace - How it Works